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Are you a doctor or nurse on the frontline? Are you self-isolating with your kids and trying to homeschool? Are you a cleaner; a delivery person, a supermarket worker, a teacher?  What creative solutions have you found for dealing with the situation? Funny, sad, poignant and outrageous – make sure you film whatever you are doing on Friday 3rd April!


We need you to upload your footage as soon as you’ve done it and the film will transmit just 3 days later on Monday 6th April!


If you want to get in touch now for tips on how and what to film, please check out our filming tips below or email us at mail@coronainaday.com


We’ll let you know how to upload your videos nearer the time!

Things we want you to film:


This is a day in the life – so it’s about the everyday things we are all facing. We need to document the UK and what’s happening in every household!


Things we'd love to see:

- Waking up - And getting your kids out of bed (or them waking you up!)

- Breakfast time - Are you keeping to normal routines or have you gone rogue?

- Exercises around the house - How are you coping gymless? Are you doing PE with Joe Wicks at 9am? The whole country seems to be doing this! Can you film your family and kids doing this?

- Parents trying to work on laptops – What have you discovered about your partner’s working habits? Do they use the most ridiculous phrases when talking to people they know?! We'd love to see them sitting at the table in their underpants or their pyjamas!

- Separated from loved ones? show us how you're staying connected with those you'd usually see. Facetime? Through your nan's window?

- Homeschooling – How’s it going guys? We’ve heard the most hilarious stories but can you show us what it looks like?

- Life as normal – We don't just want the new things you're doing, can you show us lunchtime; cleaning; gardening and other everyday habits. 


- Out and about - How are you using your one expedition a day? Are you walking the dog or going for a run?

- New skills - Maybe you're learning a new instrument, trying your hand at art or learning to juggle?


 - Daily Life – Filming your mum doing the hoovering; your dad fighting with the hedge-trimmer – are all things that you think might be really boring but we need – your kids colouring in – you get the idea…


- The Frontline - If you are on the frontline in any capacity – police; nurse; doctor; social worker; care worker etc. – Can you tell us how it’s going? What’s it like to be you in your job at the moment?


- Health - Are you or someone you know ill? Is it Covid-19? Have you lost anyone? These are sadly the realities many of us have to face. Can you let us know what you’ve experienced?


When you upload on the day you will need to agree to the terms and conditions that will be available to read before you upload your content. The basic points will include:

- Whatever you send us is filmed by yourself or a family member who gives permission for us to use it.

- The footage may be shown on Channel 4 (as well as online and on social media) but we cannot guarantee all submissions will be shown.

- Everyone we see or you talk about in your videos gives their consent to being in the film (if they are members of the public get in touch and we'll check if we can use it)

- Whatever you film should not be filmed in a way which is illegal or antisocial, e.g. invades privacy, endangers your or other’s health or contravenes current government guidelines on social distancing.


Thank you for even thinking about being involved with this incredible and crazy project! We are so honoured to be documenting Britain today with your help.

Below are a few tips for documenting your day.

Most of all SHOW US, don't TELL US!

This isn't radio, so while we do want you to tell us about your life on Friday 3rd, what we want much more is for you to SHOW US. Point the camera at things that are happening, and film yourself doing things.

Tips for filming on your mobile phone:


1. Hold It Horizontally! - Your TV is horizontal so filming this way will look the best!

2. Keep It Quiet! – Phones will pick up on background noise really easily so turn off TV’s, music and stay away from noisy environments where possible! If what you're filming is naturally noisy like an A+E ward then don't worry!


3. Light It Up! -  We need to be able to see you or what you're filming so if it's dark try to use your phone's flash, lamps or torches to light it up the scene!


4. Airplane Mode! – Using this will avoid distracting messages and noises from your notifications. Don't forget to turn it off after you've finished filming!


5. Positioning! – If you're filming yourself try to position yourself 2/3 across the screen on the left or right. We want to see your whole head not half of it!


6. Rehearsal! – Before Friday 3rd April have a test run or two to get a feel for what it'll be like. Filming can be harder than it looks (trust us!) so having a practice will really help you out on the day.

7.) Hold Your Shots! - If you swing the camera about we won't be able to use anything, so choose a shot and hold it while you count to 10. Then look for another shot and hold that for another count of 10. Our editors will love you for it!


8.) Don't Film Too Much! - We only have 3 days to go through and edit your footage so if you send in too much we won't be able to use it. Aim for a few minutes max of each thing you film. If you're talking to the camera keep it short and sweet and think about what you're going to say first. This will really help us out!

For some more in depth filming tips click here

If you have any technical questions about filming please get in touch via our contact page and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can! For information about uploading your footage we'll post here on this page and may email you nearer the time.