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The Family Secret

Channel 4

The story of a family who confront a secret of sexual abuse after 25 years. With extraordinary access, the film follows the victim and the perpetrator - and the meeting that follows.


Britain's Child Drug Runners

Channel 4

With extraordinary access, this film follows the children trapped in the dangerous world of drug running; exploring how they got into it and why they can’t get out.

We follow police, parents and social workers trying to protect four young people and keep them safe, before it’s too late. 

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Behind Closed Doors: Through the Eyes of the Child


Shot over the course of three years, and working with local charities in Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire County Council and Thames Valley Police, the film has unprecedented access to children who have all witnessed or experienced domestic violence, meeting senior social workers to help understand how children are affected by domestic abuse.


"Anna Hall's harrowing documentary about domestic violence is arguably the most powerful piece of programming this week." - The Observer



Fighting Shame

The Guardian Documentaries

In this film a group of women from Leeds share stories of poverty through eight everyday objects.


The Mind Explorers: A Psychedelic Weekend

Real Stories - YouTube

The Mind Explorers: a psychedelic weekend follows ordinary people on an extraordinary trip. The documentary centres around a 4-day psychedelic retreat in the Netherlands, where psilocybin-containing ‘magic truffles’ are legal. With new research suggesting that psychedelics can effectively treat depression, accessible retreats abroad are appealing to a new wave of curious ‘psychonauts’.



Catching A Killer: A Knock at the Door

Channel 4

In January 2017, shortly after the Chinese New Year, six robbers barged their way into the home of 64-year-old Hang Yin Leung in Milton Keynes. She later died, turning the subsequent manhunt into a murder investigation. This compelling film charts the impact of her murder on her family, as well as Thames Valley Police’s efforts to find those responsible.


The Truth About Muslim Marriage

Channel 4

Many Muslim women in Britain are unaware that their marriages aren't legally recognised. This documentary meets women whose nuptials don't afford them the same rights and protections as other couples.



Catching A Killer: The Search for Natalie Hemming

Channel 4

Mum of three Natalie Hemming went missing in May 2016. With extraordinary access to Thames Valley Police and also to Natalie's family and friends, this gripping programme follows the search for her.



Behind Closed Doors


Shot over 12 months, and starting from the moment a 999 call is received, the film follows three brave women who each waive their right to anonymity to show how insidious and terrifying domestic abuse can be. The complex emotions involved when someone you love becomes violent are also exposed, as are the difficulties for police when those feelings mean victims are not completely honest.



Forced Marriage Cops

Channel 4

With unprecedented access to the Manchester Police Force, this documentary investigates the biggest cases of forced marriage in the UK. In June 2014 it became illegal for someone to force a person to get married, the problem is how difficult this is to police.